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Hiprocracy or Irony? [Sep. 2nd, 2008|11:56 pm]
[music |Warning ~ Incubus]

So we are now in September. Both presidential candidates have selected their VPs. So putting my political views aside for this entry, I see a hiprocracy or irony in the selection of the running mates.

First the Obama's camp has been attacking Mccain on being the same old Washington politics. He's also been saying that change is needed and Mccain isn't going to bring it. Despite that, Obama picks a running mate who has been a Senator for 14 years longer than Mccain.

In Mccain's camp, he has constantly been nailing Obama on how he lacks the experience to be present. What does Mccain do? He picks a running mate who has been questioned several times for being experienced enough to run Alaska, let alone experienced enough to be Vice President.

Off topic, but why is it when I google "hiprocracy" to get the proper spelling of the word, the first hit I see involves the NAACP?