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that's a big wad of cash [Sep. 30th, 2008|11:21 pm]
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Regardless of weather you are for or against the $700 Billion bailout plan that was rejected by the House of Representatives the other day the fact remains, that is a HUGE amount of money. I didn't even realize that the U.S. has that much money with so many resources being used for a 2 front war. Nevertheless, that is more money than easily most, if not all the world (except maybe Paulson) will ever see.

So now the question I ask whoever still reads this lj. If you were presented this big ass check for the ungodly amount of money, and you could spend it on whatever you want, what would you do with it all?

If I got that much money, I would first buy an Island. Then, after funding genetic engineering research I would raise an army of humanoid meerkats. Why? Because I think it'd be pretty cool to have your own genetically engineered army, and by that time, all the other cool animals that could be genetically engineered humanoid animals would be copyrighted, so I'd have to take what's left. Thus, Meerkats. In case, they attempt to overthrow me, or just be evil without my permission, I'd make sure each and everyone came equipped with an exploding collar. Next, I'll build the world's most uber powerful computer system and use it to play Nethack. Finally, I'll hunt down Bin Laden, and shove a pineapple up his ass. At this point, I'd run out of cool things to do, so I'd store the last 600 billion dollars. Because we all know that I'd be able to accomplish/buy all that within the first 100 billion.

So, now that I've detailed what I'd do with that kind of money, its your turn to tell me what you'd do.

[User Picture]From: kittykate
2008-10-01 07:12 pm (UTC)
Why am I the only one replying to this?

Let's see...

  • About $120,000 would go to my student loans.
  • About $3,000 would pay off all my credit card debt.
  • I'd buy myself a brand new Honda CRV, fully loaded, and have it painted a sparkly blue.
  • I'd buy Mom a Hyundai Tucson, or a Ford Explorer, or whatever car she wants at the time, in whatever color she wants at the time.
  • I'd buy Nick a Scion XB (or an XD, whichever he wants) in whatever color he wants.
  • I'd buy Nick a new Mac, and buy myself a personal iMac, as well as a couple monitors and a Mac tower set up with Final Cut Pro. I'd add some different format video decks and have my own little editing suite right in my home. Of course, I'd but a new professional grade video camera.
  • I'd find house blueprints with Nick and Mom and build a dream house for all three of us. Mom would have her own separate apartment/pool house in the back. Nick and I would have the master bedroom with a walk-in closet and 2 sinks in the adjoining bathroom. We'd have 2 bedrooms (one for our future child, one for Nick's current son) and a playroom. And a large TV. With cable. And HBO.
  • I'd fence in the back yard and get some male dachshunds for Mom so she can breed them with our girls like she's always wanted to.
  • In-the-ground pool, and hot tub.
  • I'd gut the condo that mom is living in now, hire an exterminator, rebuild the place (new appliances, new floors, the works) and sell it off.
  • I'd pay off Mom's debt. And Nick's.
  • For piece of mind, I'd buy my brother a small house. Then I'd give him a small allowance each week. He could live in solitude (like he wants to) and because he lives like a pig and attracts bugs, he can destroy his own house and stay out of my hair.
  • After all that, I'd start dealing out money to charities. I'd donate a lot of money to WCNY so that they can get their new studio built. I'd donate money to the YMCA, too.
  • I'd take the most pleasure in giving money to people. Doesn't matter if I know them or not.
  • I'd bank the rest (and there'd be a lot of it) in separate bank accounts. I'd set up college funds for both my future child and Malachi (Nick's son).
  • I'd open up a production company with Nick (He writes, I shoot and edit). I'd hire some help and get more professional grade cameras and mics for our shoots. I'd open up a studio somewhere, too.

I could keep going on with this, but I'll stop there. Looks like my spending is pretty tame compared to yours.
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[User Picture]From: vbrooksutk
2008-10-01 07:48 pm (UTC)
Pay off student loans and credit card debt / car payments / etc. Pay for my insurance several years in advance.

Then invest the rest. Be philanthropic and productive at the same time - provide training programs for unemployed, unskilled workers... and also provide informational sessions for uninformed mortgage-seeking people who don't know what a variable rate mortgage is.
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[User Picture]From: lualyrr
2008-10-01 08:03 pm (UTC)
Let me just comment a bit upon the 700 billion dollar rejected plan. We actually don't have the money; we're borrowing it from other nations. Don't we have great money management skills?

Anyways, what would I do with that insane amount of money. Well, of course all the 'normal' things. Travel around the world, doing ALL of the awesome things. And I mean all of them, not just the major tourist attractions. Eating at the best places with all the floofy things. Then, I would probably give a huge chunk of the dinero to science; particularly stem cell research and cloning. Then I know I'd give a huge chunk for conservation efforts and saving animals everywhere.

Hell, at that price I'd probably be able to buy off all the reserves and make sure nothing imposes harms on these threatened areas.

But oddly enough, I think that would probably eat a way alot of the money really quickly.
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