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A View From the Mat

16 April 1984
Recently survived my undergrad at Montclair State. Now that I'm done there, I'm preparing for grad school at Syracuse. I was a member of Montclair's wrestling team before the bastards in the administration disbanded the team. I like talking to people, so feel free to contact me.

alcohol, anime, avenged sevenfold, bacardi o, berserk, biking, boondock saints, c++, cadbury eggs, camping, cartoons, chocolate, climbing, coffee, computer games, computer geeks, computer science, computers, concerts, cowboy bebop, cuddling, diablo ii, digital cameras, digital music, disturbed, divinity destroyed, dragons, drinking, duck hunt, eminem, ffx, fight club, final fantasy, final fantasy vi, final fantasy x, fire, firearms, firefox, flames, free software, free speech, friends, friendship, fun, fushigi yugi, futurama, gamecube, gaming, geeks, graduate school, greek gods, greek mythology, gungrave, hanging out, highlander, hiking, history, honesty, horror movies, individuality, insane conversations, intelligence, intelligent conversations, internet, java, jokes, kissing, knives, lan parties, laptop, laughing, legend of zelda, linux, liquor, love, making friends, making out, metal, metallica, milk shakes, montclair state university, movies, mp3s, muse, music, nature, nes, new jersey, new jersey devils, nintendo, nj, opensource, original nintendo, originality, paintball, paintballing, parties, partying, phishing, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, poking, pool, programming, ps2, rock climbing, role playing games, rpgs, run lola run, running, sci-fi, scryed, security, sex, shotglasses, simpsons, snowboarding, super mario brothers, super smash bros(melee), sushi, swords, syracuse university, system of a down, tech support, the beach, the simpsons, the windwaker, trigun, twenty-four, ubuntu, utopia, vampires, video games, videogames, web design, weight lifting, wii, wikipedia, wildlife, wolves, wrestling, x-men, zelda, zelda game series